New York Intersection

This series intersects distinct features from many spheres of life in New York City to capture these coexisting aspects in multi-exposure portraiture. By silhouetting images of various occasions with each other, this work reveals the layers of life portrayed in various snapshots of NYC.

December 2022

Museum Miniatures

Image transfers: gum arabic, ink on paper

Stilled Life

A two-day turnaround from Santa Fe to Albuquerque to Taos and back shows a moment of a life I briefly took residence in, not dissimilar to the residency artist Josephine Halvorson took in Georgia O’Keeffe’s southwestern homes. This alignment is depicted in her work, a documentation born of the style O’Keeffe created across her life in New Mexico.

Each place on the planet is a segment of a life that is always in motion, regardless of how anyone sees it. A trip to New Mexico earlier this year brought me to this segment of a life I had never seen outside of art, and I felt myself drawn into the dynamic movement. The landscape breathed life into the dynamic movement of this place, and I find myself within this life even as it exists to me now only in pictures. I found that this feeling resonated with how the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum felt, its walls adorned with the work of O’Keeffe and others working inside by her legacy. Both in motion by the breath of one landscape, the two works complement each other in capturing these segments of a life that is always in motion.